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A Different Side to London

guest-post London is known for a lot of things. From its majestic and classical architecture to its world famous Thames River that’s laced with a variety of attraction sites and hotspots to visit, London is one of England’s most visited areas every year. While the city is cut out for just about any type of tourist, […] Continue reading →

App Review: Jetpack Joyride

jetpack joyride Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Genre: Joyride ’em Up Price: Free (Jetpack- Lite Version), 99¢ (Jetpack Joyride- Full version)  About The Game: In Jetpack Joyride you’ll be riding in jetpacks, collecting coins, going for a spin in a huge variety of vehicles and even levelling up by completing in-game missions.On top of that, you can view your progress in […] Continue reading →

And Finally I am 12.5% Engineer……

 Well this post is somewhat personal kind of stuff. It’s about my experiences in the first year of engineering. I still remember the very first time I told myself that YES!!! I am going to be an engineer and since then it was my passion to do engineering in some esteemed college like IIT, NIT. […] Continue reading →