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New Star Soccer : App Review

new star soccer Name: New Star Soccer Platform : Android Cost: 2.99$ Rating: 4/5 Review: New Star Soccer has to be one of the best sports game at least the best soccer game that we have ever come across on a mobile platform! Yes, FIFA and PES both exist now and yet we have our reasons for calling New […] Continue reading →

My Irrational Love

irrational-love My Irrational Love If only I could tell you, How I really feel, Maybe things would be different, And your heart I could steal. You appear in the tranquil covering of the night, I can see you all around, I can feel your charm and beauty, But I cannot hear a sound. I see your […] Continue reading →

Homerun Battle 2 : App Review

homerun battle 2 Name: Homerun Battle 2 Platform: Android Rating : 4/5 Review: So after a pretty successful first version of the game, Homerun Battle is back with the second version and aptly is named Homerun Battle 2. Being someone from India where the game Baseball isn’t popular at all. The only team that people who do know […] Continue reading →

Guest Post : I Remember… by Neha Nagwekar

248611_2027618779656_1034245_n I Remember… Drowning in the sea of memories, I remember Chatting on small silly things, I remember Even winter seemed to be autumn Spending time in waiting for you, I remember Never did my eyes tire watching your way Making new reasons each time of your late arrival, I remember Searching for you in the […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: THE DAY WE SEPARATED! By Sudhir Sanwal

guest-post GOD knows, where my friend is now and in what way.  No one can give such care and love that I gave… Separation itself is a painful experience and all those who part away their ways face the same pain and stress.  Sometimes, separation is the only possible solution for partners who fail to maintain […] Continue reading →

Movie Review: Men In Black 3!

Men-in-Black-3 Rating: 3.5/5 Reviving old franchises seems to be the order of the day for producers to get the cash registers ringing. The last Men in Black (MIB) movie was released way back in 2002 and after a gap of ten years, the production house came up with the third installment “The Men in Black 3”. […] Continue reading →

The Last Good Bye

190247142_640 The Last Good Bye I still remember the first time I saw you, I still remember the first time I noticed you, And it amazes me how ever since, The time has flew. I still remember the expression, The expression that drew me towards you. The eyes that spoke a thousand words, The lips that […] Continue reading →

WhatsFun – Have more fun with your WhatsApp!

Screenshot_2012-05-12-03-02-33 Let’s face it, irrespective of the Android device that you have, a low end, a mid range or a high end device, WhatsApp is on it! WhatsApp is one of those few applications on Android which can pretty much be termed as an essential application. Same goes for iPhone users even though the presence of […] Continue reading →