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Alertimizer monitors your website for downtime!

alertimizer Today, in the world of the web, it is increasingly important for you and your website to be on the top of the game. The cost of server downtime has increased over the years. As is visible in the infographic we posted a few months ago, every minute of downtime costs around $ 6,000 for […] Continue reading →

How To make torrent sites work in India!

torrentz working So we believe most of you are aware that torrent sites are blocked in India and that’s the reason you would have searched up for a way, a workaround to make a torrent site work and hence you have landed on this page. Yesterday, the court ordered to ban all torrent websites in India and […] Continue reading →

The Four Stages of a Twitter User!

twitter_logo_11 Twitter is one of the best and one of the most widely used Social Networking Website. With a user base of millions of users, Twitter is here to stay for a long long time. Now even though a lot of people compare Facebook and Twitter, both of them are two totally different Social Networking Websites.  […] Continue reading →

5 Free and Awesome tools to create Infographics!

OP Infographics As you might have observed, we have been putting up a number of infographics on our website off late. To be frank, we have fallen in love with the concept of infogarphics for they provide such amazing information in such vibrant colours and in such a way that it stays in the head for a […] Continue reading →

Profile of a Twitter User! (Infographic)

OP Infographics So how is everyone doing today? Today, we are back with yet another amazing infographic. Twitter is one of the best social networking website today. Even though it is a general misconception that people go from Facebook to Twitter and enjoy it, both Facebook and Twitter have been running parallel to each other and have […] Continue reading →