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6 Important Life Lessons –

 Okay I know these days I have been copying a lot of stuff from the internet but I just can’t help it. There are hilarious things all over the internet and worth sharing too so here I am sharing with you yet another post which originally is from Lesson 1: Naked Wife A man […] Continue reading →

The World As I See It

 Today’s post is just a random insight of something that has been going on in my brain. Nothing too fancy nor anything that will make you laugh or cry so you are free to term this one as ‘boring’ (just like my brain is)! Yesterday I was in my wits and was all charged up […] Continue reading →

Girlfriends, wife…..Women and love!

 Today’s post is well going to be true and I don’t really care if you don’t like it for I know if you don’t, you got to be a woman! 😛 Today I am going to talk about Girlfriends, wives, women on a broader level! Now we all have heard the story of God, men […] Continue reading →

452 languages, same words, different meanings!

indic_languages_final2 The number of individual languages listed for India is 452. Of those, 438 are living languages and 14 have no known speakers.!   This post is most definitely not for the people who speak any of those 14 languages! 😛       As per the topic of the post, we are supposed to talk […] Continue reading →

What’s your ‘Relationship Status’?

facebook-relationship-status Okay now I know few people are going to hate me for this post but as always I won’t be shy of posting this because Mark Zuckerberg is one of those few who will hate me for this but well I can’t expect him to read my blog. Not for now at least. (showing my […] Continue reading →

Love Polygon

confused-love “Love Polygon? What are we talking of here? Have heard of a certain love triangle what’s the polygon all about?” These are the few questions that would have come to your mind as soon as you saw the name of the topic! Well I am here to explain what’s a ‘Love Polygon!’ and through out […] Continue reading →

BioShock Infinite Preview

BSIFeat Game: BioShock Infinte Genre: First person Shooter Developer: Irrational Games Release Date: Q2 2012 BioShock is a First Person Shooter video game series and Infinite will be the third sequel in the series. Previously known as “Project Icarus”, it is being developed by Irrational Games and is scheduled for a release in 2012 on the […] Continue reading →

Guest Post- Weighty Issues By Arunima

Guest-Post- Before I begin, just a mention I am not obese. I am in the middle. Or  what aunties would call “healthy” and doctors would call “very close to the upper limit of the height- weight index.” I am not under grave stress because I don’t have the ‘ideal’ figure. Neither am I jealously throwing darts […] Continue reading →