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Ship of Theseus!

poster 3 Now you may all be wondering why, we at OP have, out of the blue, have added a new entry on our page reading Ship of Theseus. Actually, it’s a film which has been chosen to be screened at the Toronto Film Festival and also, that someone close to us is a part of it. […] Continue reading →

How To make torrent sites work in India!

torrentz working So we believe most of you are aware that torrent sites are blocked in India and that’s the reason you would have searched up for a way, a workaround to make a torrent site work and hence you have landed on this page. Yesterday, the court ordered to ban all torrent websites in India and […] Continue reading →

SwiftKey X – The best keyboard for your Android!

baskinrobbins_thumb2_thumb App Name: SwiftKey X Are you someone who is frustrated for your Android Keyboard can’t keep up with your typing speed i.e. frustrated with the lag while typing on your Android? Are you someone who believe that the stock Android Keyboard for our device is too small for your fingers? Well, SwiftKey X is most […] Continue reading →

Are you a blogger? (Infographic)

bloggers Yesterday, we gave you an infographic that spoke about how a website functions explaining the basics of how the website is built, the tools required and related info. Today, we are here to talk about bloggers or to state it pretty clearly-  we are here to talk about us. Read on if you are interested. […] Continue reading →

Google Doodle: Heinrich Rudolf Hertz’s 155th birthday

heinrich-rudolf-hertzs-google-doodle2 So Google is back with yet another amazing Doodle. It appears people at Google always have a surprise in store as far as Doodle’s are concerned. Today, Google is celebrating Heinrich Rudolf Hertz’s 155th birthday in it’s doodle, the German physicist whose experiments with electromagnetic waves led to the development of the wireless telegraph and the […] Continue reading →

Author Interview: Shariq Iqbal

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s been a while since we spoke to any of our good Indian Authors so here we are, finally, interviewing the author of To Whom It May Concern – Shariq Iqbal. 1. How did writing come about? It came very early in life, in form of school magazines and weekly kids’ journals. Then I started writing articles for […] Continue reading →

Infographic: Apple Versus Google

google Hi all. Today i am doing another infographic and this one showing quite a lot of detail in a very colourful so one does not get bored. This time it is about, arguably,  the two biggest technology companies out there. The first apple which we know to be an amzing company which, as we all […] Continue reading →

Google Doodle: Charles Dicken’s 200th Birthday

charles dickens Google has dedicated its today’s doodle to mark the 200th birth anniversary of English author Charles Dickens. The doodle features Characters from his literary works: Ebenezer Scrooge from The Christmas Carol and Pip from Great Expectations.  Dickens, for some of English literature’s most iconic novels and character enjoyed a wider popularity and fame than any author did during his lifetime, […] Continue reading →