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Movie Review: Madagascar 3: Europe’s most wanted!

madagascar3 pos The third installment of the Madagascar franchise brings all it’s protagonists, Alex ‘The Lion (Ben Stiller)’, Marty ‘The Zebra’ (Chris Rock) , Gloria ‘The Hippo’ (Jada Pinket Smith) and Melvin ‘The Giraffe’ (David Schwimmer)  and the Penguins back into the spotlight as they try make their back to the Big Apple. Having spent some time […] Continue reading →

Hilarious Advertisements!

 Over the years, advertisement makers have gotten a lot more serious about what they do. There was a time when people used to change channels for the advertisements they saw were plain boring. Today, advertisement makers have understood the importance of being creative while presenting an advertisement.  So today we thought of compiling few of […] Continue reading →