Teens, Facebook, Twitter and Social Life!

Internet, social media and websites like Facebook and Twitter governs almost every teen’s life at the moment. Even though the rise of social media and these social networking websites is considered to be a boost for the teens and is considered to help them get better interaction with their friends, finding lost friends, development in personality (somehow we fail to understand this one), boosting confidence but it certainly has it’s huge pitfalls as well. Irrespective of the above mentioned pros, one big con of the virtual social life is the decrease in the face to face interaction time with people. One big reason that people tend to get hooked and addicted to these social networking sites is that it makes people especially the teens feel good about themselves which is the soul biggest reason for excessive usage.

The only social life that a teen today has is a virtual social life. Even though most of them would tend to differ but the amount of time spent online certainly confirms the concept of virtual social life.

In a study done by Common Sense Media which polled more than 1,000 13-17 year-olds – the first generation to grow up on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook – and discovered that while 90 percent of them have used social media, it’s not been without its pitfalls.

So here are the findings of the study that was done by Common Sense Media. Even though the findings and the figures aren’t astonishing but they certainly high and might even need some mending is what we would say.

Here is the infographic:

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