Temple Run Brave : App Review

Platform: Android, iOS
Cost: 1$
Rating: 2/5

Its not been long since Temple Run was released on Android and to be honest we are yet to see a completely stable bug free version of temple run on android as we experience it on iOS devices. But Imangi Studios has gone on to develop yet another version of temple run this time in collaboration with Disney.

The game is called Temple Run Brave. The concept is pretty much the same but the interaction atmosphere the characters and the complete GUI has gone under a change more or less. Temple Run Brave, just like temple run is about running around collecting coins unlocking power boosters which are the same as in temple run unlocking characters avoiding the obstacles and making as high a score as possible.

Coming to the GUI we don’t like it to be honest. Even though one tends to like the set up with a jungle feel to it but all that does is cause confusion more than anything else. We found it difficult to decipher the obstacles that lay in our way and stumbled on them quite a few number of times before we were able to adjust. Then there are the sharp turns. Temple Run too had them bit it was easy to decipher. Call us dumb or whatever but we found it difficult to deal with in the game.

The characters are good though and we like the change. The feel of the game is still good as always but the GUI surely needs some cleaning to make things a little more visible. The coin system works the same way and so do all the powers magnet coin bonus and the others as well remain in tact as they were in Temple run classic with a couple of additions to it.

A good new addition to the game comes with the character being allowed to fire at targets. Every few seconds right after a warning sign you will meet with few targets or rather pin boards on the way and you have to shoot at them. The more targets you hit successfully the more coins you earn and also unlocks and increases your multiplies which again works the same way as in temple run classic.

So all in all we didn’t mind playing temple run brave but we didn’t really like the biggest edit that has been made from temple run classic – the GUI. The characters and the ability to shoot are good though. The GUI surely needs a lot of cleaning. We hope that it will get better in the future updates. We give temple run brave a 2/5 from us at Observer’s Paradise.

You can buy Temple Run Brave from the Google Play Store here.

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