Temple Run Update fixes it for Android

A couple of days back we gave you the review of Temple Run for Android. Initially, the first version that was released by IMANGI Studios, had a number of bugs and we did write about them in the review of the game. The bugs included game lag, problem in the gameplay, the player dying all by itself. A couple of days later i.e. yesterday, the update for Temple Run for Android finally arrived and has fixed all the bugs, well, almost all.

In our review posted here, we did tell you about the bugs and hence weren’t able to provide you an apt review of the game. 

Today, now that the bugs have been fixed, here is what we think of the updated game.

Okay, so, with the updated version of Temple Run in our mobile device, we were happy for arguably the best game ever released for iOS has finally made it’s ‘proper’ way into the Android market or what now people refer to as Google Play. The characters and the gameplay is same as it was in the iOS version of the game. You can read the review of Temple Run for iOS here.

If you do take a look at our app review of Temple Run for iOS, there isn’t much to say about the game for Android for they are identical!

“The challenge over here is to collect as many coins as possible and by using the coins, unlock levels and advanced boost options to enhance the run after having unlocked the special powers. These include invisibility during which the demons nor the ditch can harm you. There are a wide variety of power-ups to be unlocked, including one that turns the character invisible and another than works like a magnet, pulling coins toward the character as he runs by them. What’s more, the entire time, gamers are encouraged to complete objectives while they play, which adds another layer of challenge to the game.” (As we wrote in our review for the iOS version)

The fact that the errors such as lag issues and several other bugs have finally been fixed for Android is something that makes us happy and the game enjoyable. There still is one bug that we do come across still and that is of the player dying all by itself while climbing one of the barricades but we expect a fix for that too coming up pretty soon.

That’s pretty much about it. So if you are someone who had been desperately waiting for Temple Run to be released for your Android Device but were disappointed for the number of bugs it had, it’s time for the update and for you to get hooked to the game.

In the all that’s left to say is- “Run, Run, Run and enjoy the game!”

You can download Temple Run for Android here.

and for iOS here.

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