The 5 stages of Human Life : Life summed up!

So we are back talking about life and the fact is it has been quite a while since we have done that. Today, here we are to talk about the 5 stages of life. Now we do believe that most of you do understand and know what the five stages of your human existence are, if not, let us number them for you :

  1. Infancy
  2. Adolescence
  3. College
  4. Adulthood
  5. Old Age

Speaking of this reminds me of the story that we did post here on Observer’s Paradise about how a human being got an average life which is so much more than rest of the animals or mammals. Here is the summary of the story in case you missed it:

” The first thirty are his human years, and they quickly disappear. Here he is healthy and happy; he works with pleasure, and enjoys his existence. The donkey’s eighteen years follow. Here one burden after the other is laid on him; he carries the grain that feeds others, and his faithful service is rewarded with kicks and blows. Then come the dog’s twelve years, and he lies in the corner growling, no longer having teeth with which to bite. And when this time is past, the monkey’s ten years conclude. Now man is weak headed and foolish; he does silly things and becomes a laughingstock for children.” (you can read the complete story here.)

So man, apart from being a social animal can simply be put as being just an animal.

Coming back to the five stage of human life, the ones stated above even though the story and the summary explain pretty much everything what we humans have to go through through the course of our existence but there are various sides to these phases as well and most of them are more or less funny! So here is an infographic that talks about five stages of human life which is cent percent true and yet humorous all along.

Here is the infographic:

(Click on the image for a complete and better view of the image)

We are sure that each and everyone who did take a look at the infographic was able to relate with the stage you are on so here is to your future and hope that you all make it as far as you can!

2 thoughts on “The 5 stages of Human Life : Life summed up!

  1. This is the story of me and Wuthering Heights.’ Hated it at 17. Now I reread it every other year quite happily.

  2. Mustain Al-azhary says:

    I wrote a similar article, please check it..

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