The best hosting for your website? (Infographic)

The first and the foremost concern of a blogger or someone who has recently bought a domain is to search for the best hosting.

So what’s the best hosting for your website?

Today, we are going to give you an infographic that’s more of a face off between two of the big major Hosting service providers for websites. When one talks of hosting, Hostgator is the name no one can deny having not heard of. Hostgator is one of the biggest hosting provider without any doubt. The other big name that does comes to mind when one talks about hosting is Bluehost. Today this face off infographic is between these two hosts.

Even though these aren’t the ‘best’ as far as uptime and support is concerned and can not match the Cloud Services but for a start up these are the ‘go to’ website hosting providers.

Here is the infographic:

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