The Best of Sheldon Cooper- (The Big Bang Theory)

In the recent past we gave you some of the best lines that we came across from some of the best fictional characters in some of the best shows on Television. 

Today we are here to share with you the best quotes/lines/ emotions from yet another and a very famous fictional character Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

Before we begin let us give you a brief of who Sheldon Cooper is exactly!

Here is a brief character sketch:

“He has a nervous facial tick, when he is stressed.

Has a fraternal twin sister (Missy) who hostesses at Fuddrucker’s.

His IQ is 187.

Despite being constantly rude to people he finds less superior to him (which is just about everyone), it seems like he is almost unaware of the fact his actions are off-putting.  If someone compares a situation to how a fictional character that is known for heroics (mostly characters from comic books and sci-fi movies/Tv shows) would help out; He will offer his assistance, though somewhat begrudgingly.

With this “Hero-Complex” mentioned, it should be noted that the most believable reason that Leonard, Howard, and Raj are his friends despite his obnoxious behavior is because he saved the trio’s lives by removing a small bomb the three inadvertently created in Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment.

Believes that the best number is 73.

Is very OCD: He has to sit in “his spot”, He has to figure out the acoustic “sweet spot” at the movie theater, has to eat certain food on certain days from specific places, same thing with which shirts he wears and the pajamas he wears. When knocking on Penny’s door he always knocks 3 times and says “Penny” and repeats 3 times.

Is Germaphobic.

When he is sick, he is comforted by the song “Soft Kitty”. He usually has Penny sing it to him.

He is somewhat a megalomaniac. He usually assumes that if he can’t find a solution to any given problem that no one can.”

Some of you who haven’t really heard of him (which is pretty much an impossibility if you follow American TV series) the above would have surely made you a fan. If not, here we are to present the best of the best from Sheldon Cooper. How he is hilarious when he thinks he is not!

1. Sheldon: Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it always has, rock crushes scissors.

2. Sheldon: I made tea.
Leonard: I don’t want tea.
Sheldon: I didn’t make tea for you. This is my tea.
Leonard: Then why are you telling me?
Sheldon: It’s a conversation starter.
Leonard: That’s a lousy conversation starter.
Sheldon: Oh, is it? We’re conversing. Checkmate.

Amy Farrah Fowler: I can’t see why smart people can’t have fun.
Sheldon Cooper: What’s 16 times 14?
Amy Farrah Fowler: My burps taste like cranberry juice.
Sheldon Cooper: And there’s your answer.

4. Sheldon: A little misunderstanding? Galileo and the Pope had a little misunderstanding.

5. Sheldon: Why are you crying? 
Penny: Because I’m stupid! 
Sheldon: That’s no reason to cry. One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad.

6. Sheldon: Leonard, you may be right. It appears that Penny secretly wants you in her life in a very intimate and carnal fashion.
Leonard: You really think so?
Sheldon: Of course not. Even in my sleep-deprived state, I’ve managed to pull off another one of my classic pranks. BAZINGA!

7. Sheldon: I am not crazy, my mother had me tested.

8. Sheldon: Interesting. Sex works even better than chocolate to modify behavior. I wonder if anyone else has stumbled onto that.

9. Sheldon: I promised Penny.
Leonard: Promised Penny what?
Sheldon: I wouldn’t tell you the secret. (pause) Shhhhh!!!!
Leonard: What secret? Tell me the secret.
Sheldon: Mom smokes in the car. Jesus is okay with it, but we can’t tell dad.
Leonard: Not that secret, the other secret.
Sheldon: I’M BATMAN!!!! SHHHH!!!

10. Sheldon: You’re not done with her, are you? 

Leonard: Our babies will be smart AND beautiful. 
Sheldon: Not to mention imaginary.
11. Raj: I don’t like bugs, okay? They freak me out.
Sheldon: Interesting. You’re afraid of insects and women. Ladybugs must render you catatonic.
12. Sheldon: Are you upset about something?
Leonard: What was your first clue?
Sheldon: Well there was a number of things. First the late hour, then you demeanors seems very low energy plus your irritability…
Leonard: Yes I’m upset!
Sheldon: Oh… I don’t usually pick up on those things. Good for me.
Leonard: Yeah good for you.
Sheldon: (walks away and then turns back) Oh, wait. Did you want to talk about what’s bothering you?
Leonard: I don’t know… maybe.
Sheldon: Wow! I’m on fire tonight.
13. Leonard: You’ll never guess what just happened.
Sheldon: You went out into the hallway, stumbled into an inter-dimensional portal which brought you 5,000 years into the future, which you took advantage of the advanced technology to build a time machine, and now you’re back to bring us all with you to the year 7010, where we transported to work at the thinkatorium by telepathically controlled dolphins.
14. Sheldon: You can’t make a half sandwich. If it’s not half of a whole sandwich, it’s just a small sandwich.

15. Sheldon: Oh, Ubuntu. You’re my favorite Linux-based operating system.

16. Penny: So what do you say Sheldon, are we your X-men?
Sheldon: No, the X-men were named for the X in Charles Xavier. Since I am Sheldon Cooper, you will be, my C-men.

17. Leonard: What were you doing at Penny’s?
Sheldon: Well, we had dinner, played some games, and then I spent the night. Oh, and you’ll be happy to know that I now have a much better understanding of ‘friends with benefits.’

18. Leonard: You are not Isaac Newton.
Sheldon: No, no, that’s true. Gravity would have been apparent to me without the apple.

19. Sheldon: Penny.
Penny: Yeah.
Sheldon: Thanks for letting me stay here.
Penny: Oh, you’re welcome sweetie.
Sheldon: Okay, I’m sleepy now get out.

20. Sheldon: A neutron walks into a bar and asks how much for a drink. The bartender replies “for you, no charge”.

21. Leonard: For God’s sake, Sheldon, do I have to hold up a sarcasm sign every time I open my mouth?  
Sheldon (intrigued): You have a sarcasm sign?

22. Leonard: Sheldon, we have to do this.

Sheldon: No, we don’t. We have to take in nourishment, expel waste, and inhale enough oxygen to keep our cells from dying. Everything else is optional.

23. Wolowitz: But you love that spot.
Sheldon: No, I love my mother, my feelings for my spot are much greater.

24. Leonard: What’s a dogapus?
Sheldon: A hybrid dog and octopus. Man’s underwater best friend.
Leonard: There’s someone working on that?
Sheldon: I was going to. I planned on giving it to myself for my 300th birthday.
Leonard:  Wait a minute you hate dogs.
Sheldon: A dogapus can play fetch with eight balls; no one can hate that.

25. Yes, well I’m polymerized tree sap and you’re an inorganic adhesive so whatever verbal projectile you launch in my direction is reflected back off of me, returning to it’s original trajectory, and adheres to you.

26. You have about as much chance of going out with Penny as the Hubble Telescope has of finding that at the center of each black hole there’s a little man with a flashlight trying to find the circuit breaker.

27. Rajesh: Why so glum, chum?
Sheldon: Apparently you can’t hack into a government supercomputer and then try to buy uranium without the Department of Homeland Security tattling to your mother.

28. Sheldon: Howard? 
Howard: Yeah? 
Sheldon: Your shoes are delightful. Where did you get them? 
Howard: What? 
Sheldon: Bazinga, I don’t care.

And if this wasn’t enough to make you a Sheldon fan then here are a couple of videos from the awesome show which will definitely make you his fan!

 1. [youtube][/youtube]





2. [youtube][/youtube]






3. [youtube][/youtube]






4. [youtube][/youtube]







5. [youtube][/youtube]







That’s just about it folks. Until next time it’s BAZINGA!

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