The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Preview

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Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Genre: Role playing Game (RPG)
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Release Date: 11.11.11

Skyrim — a freezing nordic nation between Obvilion’s Cyrodill and the dark elf land of Morrowind. It is the northernmost region of Tamriel, the continent where most of the Elder scrolls game are based, and is a cold and mountainous region. This is the place where this version of Elder scrolls is based. At the start, like any other game in the franchise, you are a nobody, kept in a prison for some unnamed crime. You are released from the imprisonment for an unknown reason and set out on your journey in the lands of Skyrim…


Skyrim is not a direct sequel to Oblivion, rather, it is a new chapter in the series. The events of Skyrim take place 200 years after Oblivion. In the premise to Skyrim, the empire began ceding territory to the eleven nations it once ruled, because there was no heir to the Emperor’s throne. The Blades had no one to defend and eventually died or secluded themselves.  After the king of Skyrim was assassinated, a civil war broke down out between the Nordic races – the majority were the ones who wanted Skyrim to secede from the empire while the others wished for it to stay.

ESV: Skyrim

As stated earlier, we are nobody at the start of the game. We soon discover that the civil war that broke out was one of the last prophecies foretold by the Elder scrolls, who also warned about the return of Alduin, the Nordic god of destruction, taking the form of a gigantic dragon. It was prophesied that this dragon will bring the end to the world. The player character is the last of the Dovahkiin (Dragonborne), a dragon hunter appointed by the gods to help fend off the threat Alduin poses to Skyrim and Tamriel.

Gameplay and Graphics:

The traditional open-world gamelpay of Elder scrolls franchise is retained in Skyrim. The player is free to roam around the land of skyrim and its 5 major cities and huge mountainous ranges. Apart from the main plot, the game also offers many other quest chains. The player can perform different activities like cooking, farming, woodcutting and mining. The player gains level by raising the eighteen different skills available in Skyrim. The class system from skyrim has been removed and all perks gained are skill-specific abilities, organized in a system of branching groups called ‘skill trees’. Every increase in level allows another perk to be picked. There are 280 perks that balanced between 50 levels, although theoretically, maximum level depends on the character’s skill choices. The HUD is invisible all the time and only appears when player’s health, stamina, or magicka are being depleted. Items and equipment layouts can be saved to a quick-access menu, and the pause-screen inventory menu is presented in a compass-style overlay;while in the inventory, the player can rotate and zoom in on acquired items. The combat sequences have been improved. For example, to block certain attacks, just holding a shield up won’t help, proper timing will be required to defend any attack; Stealth in Skyrim is a little deeper. Enemies don’t suddenly move from passive to aggressive. There is now an interim “Alert” phase, so you’ll have a chance to hide again and wait for them to forget about you. Another nice addition to this game are the dragon battles (these are important from the story point of view). Throughout the game, we encounter certain battles against dragons in the game. Each dragon we slay gives us a unique ability, a shout to be more precise, and being a Dovahkiin we can use these shouts to activate certain special abilities to take down enemies.

The gameplay video shown at E3 expo was spectacular. I was so mesmerized by the looks of the game that I actually thought that the visuals I was seeing were pre-rendered. But I was wrong, and that actually made me happy. This game is a visual marvel and is certainly one of the finest looking games. The video shows us some of those dragon encounters that I talked about earlier. I had my mouth open in awe seeing certain parts in these battles. The way one of the dragon crash lands on the ground and moves feet’s away before stopping, in the process destroying the area which he swept — the detailing in this scene is simply amazing and this clearly shows that Bethesda has put in a lot of effort in making this game so that they can offer yet another promising Elder scrolls game to their fans.

Closing Comment:

Skyrim certainly seems promising and is undoubtedly the most anticipated game of the year. The plot is interesting, the gameplay mechanics have been improved and a lot of new additions have been made to the same, the game looks stunning and it seems that Skyrim will live up to its expectations and will succeed in pleasing the  fans. The game releases later this year in November. Don’t forget to buy a copy and enjoy the world of Skyrim.

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