The Evolution of Mobile Applications

The Evolution of Mobile Applications

A couple of days ago we gave you an infographic that contained the details of the number of applications that have been hacked and extracted from both Android and iOS app stores and are available for free download online. The perfect score of 100% applications being hacked into on Android as far as top paid applications are concerned while a score of 92% for Apple applications is not only staggering but a bit scary for the developers as well.

Even though we have come this far that we are talking about applications being hacked into but if one comes to think of it, the increase in the use of mobile phones or rather smart phones and consequently the applications that are present on the platform has been sudden. Even though it cannot be defined as sudden in terms of technology for it appears to be changing every day, getting better and better. But as for the time lapse, in a matter of five years we have gone from being unaware of smart phones to being hooked to them and using them all the time. As for the future predictions, it is expected that a total of 44 billion applications will be downloaded from both Android and Apple App Stores.

The journey has been exciting to follow and certainly worth taking note of. From the introduction of the Apple App Store to Angry Birds reaching 1 billion downloads, today’s interesting infographic has it all.

Here is the infographic of the evolution of mobile applications:

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