The Game Called Life

The Game Called Life

It has its ups,
It has its downs,
It has its moment of joy,
And then the moments when you are a walking clown.

Life is a game at which we play.
We make our moves on every day.
Some are right and some are wrong.
We usually look back as we move along.

It is a game,
In which all that we do,
Is go from problem to problem,
From pursue to review.

We conquer challenges
And are presented with more
We fight through the obstacles
We Battle the war

Yet presented with love
We follow it blind
Knowing it fruitless
Our mind re-aligned

You can play fairly, nicely, and clean
Or you can cheat, play dirty, and mean
Life can be easy or it can be hard
All you can do is play your cards.

It will present you with opportunities,
Take it or leave it is yours to say,
But for leaving some,
You seldom have to pay.

They say it has love,
They say it has hatred,
They say it has destiny,
Which has everything already jotted.

When this is all over
You can look back
And remember
All that you have lost and gained
Because you had your shot
And what happened
Well that was up to you

In the end,
All that is left to say,
Reality will continue to suck,
People will continue to cause hurt,
Human Emotions will always be played with,
And a happy content world will continue to remain a myth!

Life is all but a game,
Some play it right, Some play it wrong,
And sooner or later you realize,
You are exactly where you belong.

Destiny will always play its role,
Presenting you with choices,
And guiding you to the right one,
Through the inner voices.

As it is said,
One day your life will flash in front of your eyes,
Make sure it’s worth watching.
Only some create a blockbuster,
Make sure yours is one!
So play the game called life
The way it is supposed to be played,
With a smile, without any fear,
And with the hope that you won’t be betrayed.

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  1. Civilian Chris says:

    great stuff i like the design

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