The Google Yourself Challenge!

We all at some point of time have Googled ourselves i.e. typed our name in the search query of Google. If you say you haven’t, you would be lying and there are no exceptions to it either. Now most of us do this mainly out of curiosity and finding something about ourselves certainly makes us feel a little proud but the fact that there is considerable amount of data about you online and publicly visible at that is most certainly a threat to your own privacy.

Have you ever Googled yourself and found out astonishing facts about yourself which includes sensitive private data about you and certain private details? If not, then your identity online is pretty much safe as of now. As our internet consumption increasing, so does our habit of revealing information about ourself online. Now some times this might be intentional but most of the times we put up data by mistake or out of plain ignorance. There are a number of plays from where your sensitive information can be leaked about you. Some common places are Facebook, Twitter, your blog and LinkedIn. There are a number of people, in fact, a huge percentage of people who haven’t ever changed their privacy settings on Facebook which might very well be the reason for your mobile phone number be publicly visible to everyone and might even show up on Google search results. Blogging, even though a good habit might also reveal sensitive information about you.

In a recent event, someone posted about going on a holiday on Twitter. Soon after, his house was robbed as the robber mentioned the person (from a fake account of course) saying, “Thank you for the information and all your stuff.” That’s how bad revealing sensitive information online can get. The threat doesn’t end here for revealing information and Google being able to crawl it might make you vulnerable to identity theft!

So here is an infographic that talks about the various facts about Googling yourself and the privacy issues that exist.

Here is the infographic : The Google Yourself Challenge!

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