The New Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 ( Coming Soon )

Look What the Cat dragged in….A new Tablet!!

So We are back..with another tab review!!
Everyone who was happy to see Ipad-2 in Indian markets..We’ve got news for you. If you’re planning to buy the Ipad-2 you might want to wait a little longer because Samsung is back with a new tab and unlike its previous flop version of galaxy tab this one promises to be a pain in the Arse for the King of Tablets ” The Ipad-2 “.
If all goes well Samsung will launch this Beast this summer and Apple’s gonna face another problem ( one being the health problem of Mr. Steve Jobs )
So here’s a little peak into What’s coming up?
This Tab will be running on Google’s new toy Kit ie Android 3.0 ” Honeycomb “.
It’s got a Tegra-2 (1Ghz ) dual core processor with Flash Support ( Hurray!! )
There is also an 8MP rear-facing camera with and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera for video calling.
You can watch HD videos at 1080p and shoot them in the same resolution as well.
If the rumors are true this thing might give the Ipad-2 a run for its money in the thickness and weight department.
The pricing is unknown at the moment but I think it will be around the 30k mark so If you’re willing to buy a tablet I think you should wait till the 3rd quarter because apart from the Samsung, Sony and some other companies will come up with new tablets too.
But If you love Apple like Americans Love Peace and Chinese love Piracy…This post is not for you… The Ipad-2 is waiting for you!! Go get it!
And If you’re an Android fan like me…I know you’ll wait.

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