The Ship of Theseus! (Continued)

We came with the synopsis of “Ship of Theseus” earlier and promised to come up with the updates regarding the ship that is going to hit the shores of Toronto this October at the Toronto Film Festival.

This year Fortissimo films have extensively spread their hands on Indian shores picking up the rights of distribution of films like Miss lovely, Michael, Monsoon Shootout but with Theseus they have not only chosen the role of international sales agent (all territories outside of South Asia), but they have also come on board as the Co-producer. Fortissimo’s Acquisition executive Chris Paton said “I met Anand last year when he showed me 12 minutes of footage of his film. I was awed by his unique cinematic vision and story-telling. This is truly ground-breaking filmmaking, and we haven’t seen work like this from India – or maybe even the world – in the past 10 or 20 years.”

Fortissimo have earlier distributed highly acclaimed films of Wong Kar Wai and films such as super size me, shortbus and many more.

The film also boasts of international talents in other departments as well. Reka Lemhenyi is one of the editors of the film, Adesh Prasad, Sanyukta kaza, Satchit Puranik being other three. Reka’s past works includes highly acclaimed films like Taxidermia, I am not your friend and Helen Mirren starrer & Academy award winning director’s István Szabó’s The door.

The sound designer of the film is award winning Gabor Erdelyi who has earlier worked with hungarian master filmmaker Bela Tarr in cult classic Werckmeister Harmonies and the more recent and much celebrated The Turin Horse.

The film’s eclectic cast includes Egyptian filmmaker and actress Aida El-Kashef, Sohum Shah, and veteran theatre artist Neeraj Kabi. The film marks the debut of cinematographer Pankaj Kumar. SHIP OF THESEUS is produced by Mukesh Shah of Recyclewala Films.

The film will be beginning it’s international journey with Toronto International Film Festival, 2012 in september.

Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director, Toronto International Film Festival had this to say immediately after watching the film.

“I’ve just watched SHIP OF THESEUS here in Mumbai and was very impressed. It’s a much richer and more affecting film. The narrative strands are woven together beautifully, and they produce a work that succeeds on both thematic
and emotional levels. It’s a transcendent film, which is a lovely contrast to some of that gritty work coming out of Mumbai right now.”

The official facebook page of the film is as follows:


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