Timeline of Web Browsers (Infographic)

Now this has to be one of the oldest and the most interesting story as far as technology is concerned. We presume that you are pretty much aware about the genesis of Internet Explorer i.e. the Netscape Navigator and Microsoft thing. Other than that, every now and then everyone comes across and often falls in a debate regarding web browsers- more clearly, Which is the best Web Browser at the moment.

One thing that most of us are unaware of is the growth of all the web browser that you see today or the ones that were lost somewhere in the middle. At the moment, other than Safari, the best web browsers that are available at the moment, which depends on personal choice more or less are Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome (our personal favorite).

Over the years, all these browser have been revamped with a number of updates both big and small have brought so much to a web browser. We have come from just being able to view a  web page located on a certain server to being able to install add ons, theme our browsers, install plug ins which do so much more, things like being able to save the web page for off line viewing and a way lot more! A web browser in itself is a system in a system! You can play games and do everything else! We saw an example of a web browser based Operating System when Google, a couple of years back came up with Chromium OS that had nothing but Google Chrome to work with!

So, here is the timeline of web browsers, the updates that have been brought about in the past to make them what they are today!

Here is the  infographic:

Timeline of web browsers:


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