UnoTelly – Break free from all the geographic restrictions online!

Have you ever visited a website and got a message which goes something like “Sorry, this website is not available in your country” or have you ever opened a YouTube video to be greeted with a similar message? Have you ever wanted to use Pandora to listen to music, Hulu to watch American TV shows or use Netflix but your geographic location didn’t allow you the freedom to do so? If yes, UnoTelly is your one stop solution to all your problems. UnoTelly lets you break free from all the geographic restrictions and allows you to open any website irrespective of the fact that the site isn’t available in your country.

Now one might tend to think that VPN or Virtual Private Networks serve the same purpose but having tested both UnoTelly and a Virtual Private Network like a Hotspot Shield, we certainly found UnoTelly to give us a better data transfer rate which was pretty much as per our ISP plan while the VPN decreased our browsing speed as well as downloading speed to a certain extent. So even though both of them serve the same purpose UnoTelly worked better for us on a slower connection even though it too requires a connection with good speed for better usage.

Another good thing about UnoTelly is that it works cross platform i.e. from a PC to a Mac to a smart phone device to almost all the Smart TVs that are available in the market. This is something that certainly gives UnoTelly an edge over VPN.

Setting up UnoTelly, even though took us a little while but the process isn’t tedious as such. The step by step guide available makes it easy to install and use. Also, the fact that it can be installed on any machine from your Android smart phone to a Smart TV makes it worth going for.

So if you want to break free from all the geographic restrictions online, check out UnoTelly!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Just took a free trial of UnoTelly and testing it.

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