Users you should stay away from on the Internet

Internet has to be one of the biggest and the best invention by mankind. Internet lets every user create his or her own virtual world and get lost in it. The pleasure is so much so that people tend to get addicted to it and if the recent studies are to be believed an average youngster consume 16 hours of media daily which means if he isn’t sleeping he is playing around with some device or the other!

Just like in real life, virtual life too has different kind of elements and by elements we mean different humans with different personalities that exist in the human world. Today, we are going to talk about users you should stay away from on the Internet.

When we were young our parents told us, “Do not talk to strangers.” The same rule applies here as well but there are many who would tend to differ for many of them joined the virtual world to talk to strangers alone. If one comes to think of it, in a broad sense, people who are present in this virtual life called internet can be divided into seven groups :

  • The Politico
  • The Lurker
  • The Fact Finder
  • The Troll
  • The Meme Machine
  • The Critic
  • The Spambot

Now even though when we look at this list we can recall someone or the other who can belong to each of these broad categories but then they all needn’t be avoided.

Anyhow, here is an infographic that displays the definitions of the above stated seven groups that are found on the internet along with where exactly they are found. The creator of the infographic has also put in ‘Warnings’ as well so as to make you aware what you shouldn’t be doing around a certain group on the internet!

Here is the infographic:

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