WhatsFun – Have more fun with your WhatsApp!

Let’s face it, irrespective of the Android device that you have, a low end, a mid range or a high end device, WhatsApp is on it! WhatsApp is one of those few applications on Android which can pretty much be termed as an essential application. Same goes for iPhone users even though the presence of iMessages would definitely have hampered whatsapp’s reputation a bit as far as iOS devices are concerned. 

Anyhow, the application that we are talking of today is known as ‘WhatsFun’ and is currently available only for the Android platform. WhatsFun is message bomber of sorts. Designed to WhatsApp, WhatsFun sends a group of icons, images composed of predefined icon or custom text icons whatsapp massively to the touch of a button. You can send an icon in a few clicks 100 times.

The best part of WhatsFun is the fact that it has all the emoticon and believe us, WhatsApp has by far the best and the widest range of emoticons as far as mobile messengers are concerned. The fact that you can send custom messages covered all over with predefined WhatsApp emoticons makes this nifty little message bomber a must have. Even though calling it a message bomber would be wrong in a way for it, as stated, allows you to send greetings, messages with different borders made out of the emoticons, makes it more of an extension to WhatsApp than a message bomber, even though it does do the job of a message bomber pretty well. All the messages, the greeting, the messages with bordered emoticons, a single emoticon, all can be bombarded up to 100 times at a time! Hence, it sure is an effective message bomber and if you are someone who would like to irritate someone or spam someone’s chat, well, you just found the best way to do it on WhatsApp! 

The recent addition of greeting images of birthdays, anniversary and a few other occasions in WhatsPostal makes this application a must have. It also has custom designed messages to greet your contacts good morning, good night and other such normal greetings in WhatsGallery which makes it all the more interesting. There is also a way to create custom messages along with different emoticons.

All in all WhatsFun is a must have application if you are someone who loves WhatsApp emoticons and use WhatsApp often to converse with people. We did get an error couple of times though. After selecting the message to send, only half the message was sent to the contact. That could be a bug even though we received that error just a couple of times out of our more than 200 trials. Hence, an amazing application on the whole. We give it a 4.5/5 from us at Observer’s Paradise.

WhatsFun can be downloaded from the Google Play Store here.

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