When I saw you!

When I saw you!

It had been long,
It was all gone,
Or so I thought,
The feelings that I had fought.

I still remember,
The first time I saw you,
Not in awe of your beauty so true.
But then I got to know you,
And that’s what drew,
Drew me towards you.

It was all figured out,
Had put an end without any doubt.
But then that’s the brain thinking,
While the heart is doing the talking.

Then I saw you, again!
The heart skipped a beat, again!
The eyes were locked upon you, again!
I was in awe of you, again!

All that was lost,
All those feelings that I had fought,
All the emotions that I had controlled,
All came to the fore no longer able to hold.

You surely were the reality,
That I once cherished,
But without the trust,
The reality couldn’t have flourished.

You and I were awesome,
For as long as it lasted.
But in the end it was for the best,
That we parted.

Yet I see your face,
And the heart skips a beat, again!
The eyes are locked upon you, again!
The awe of you returns, again!

They say,
It’s not love if you let it go,
But what they don’t know,
It’s sometimes for the best to not show.

Maybe that’s how first love is,
Maybe that’s how it will continue to be,
But then it reminds of a reality that was once true,
And yet here I am still unable to set you free.

As I try again,
To subside the emotions,
To let go of the feelings,
I wait to see you again,
To bring it all back,
In the hope that all the feelings,
Will someday go away!


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