Windows 8 Infographics

So we are back with yet another infographic to share with you all out here. This time we are going to talk about Windows 8.

Even though it hasn’t been long ever since Windows 8 developer Preview was released and thousands of users or rather developers worldwide experienced a lot of errors while installing or hence forth which was pretty much expected from a developer preview.

This time as well twitter will play a very important role in this infographic. The infographic will talk about what the developers and consumers around the world feel about the release of Windows 8, what they tweeted about as far as Windows 8 is concerned i.e. gave an opinion, suggestion or were excited for the new version of the windows to release. We will also see what was their review after using the developer version of the windows, how many of them thought it would be successful, how many thought it would fail and so on and so forth.

We will also take a look at the comparisons between Windows 8 and the various other Windows available to the users.

We will also tell you about the features that people liked about Windows 8 and what they didn’t!

So here we present to you, Windows 8 through the eyes of customers and developers! Have a look:





















































































So did you use the newly developed version of the Windows? If you did, what do you have to say about it? Did you find it cool, boring, had a lot of errors or whatever your review is about it, share with us, post a comment!


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