Your life, your career, your decision, your choice!

In the past few days I have come across more than a couple of people, people who I care about, facing problems as far as their career goals, their career orientation is concerned, so here I am to discuss the same for I most definitely know that are thousands of you out there who are facing a similar sort of a situation.

The number of engineering colleges in India increased from 157 in 1980 to 1,346 in 2004 and to 3575(approx. given many more are in the making) in 2010 with almost 4 lac students graduating every year (which should have been more than 5 lac though it doesn’t happen, given that many drop out and some aren’t able to clear.) For some of you this figure might be surprising but it won’t if you are an Indian and by chance you are one in the 4 lac or maybe that ‘other’ 1 lac. If you are in any of the 5 lac, life isn’t going to be easy for you my friend. Now, looking at the topic of discussion, you would be thinking, “what’s the problem with you. It’s everyone’s life and if youngsters of the country want to be the engineers and how does the number make a difference. It’s their life, their career, their decision, their choice.!”

But well, I am not here to talk about just an engineering student. I am here to talk about an average college going student in general. 

Well, to be hones, I do have a problem with it. Let’s take an example of the field whose figures I just quoted.

My problem is that out of the 5 lac people described above, I do believe there would be more than 1 lac people, if not more, who never wanted to be engineers!

These are exactly the people who should start taking their own decisions rather than going with the trend. For ages it has been happening and I don’t really see this coming to an end,  if someone or a certain group decides to do something, the world follows rather than creating their own thing and choosing their own path. In some cases it’s the pressure and brain washing of the parents and for this I would surely say that they are the culprit. I can say this because I do know a couple, actually more than a couple of people who are doing engineering for the sake of it or because their parents wanted them to do it but again this isn’t just about engineering. Here, I quote engineering time and again because it is the ‘in’ thing rather the ‘herd’ thing at the moment.

I believe that everyone present on this earth is sent for a reason, to do a job, with an assigned duty but the problem with most of us is that throughout our lifetime we aren’t able to realize what we are ‘made for’ and hence follow the line, the herd rather than starting our own.

The fact is that with time you are bound to get the feeling of being caught in a trap doing something that you never really wanted to do and these are moments when you fall into situations which can broadly be termed as moments of frustration and depression! Hence, to avoid such situations, it is really important to think it through before taking a decision.

When a kid turns 18 or rather seventeen or odd, the time is to think about the perfect career, the perfect choice doing which they would like to spend the rest of their lives! It is actually as difficult as it sounds! You are barely an adult and there you are taking a decision with which you might well have to stick with for the rest of your life and the worst part, you have to take a decision without any sort of delay!

The law of average, as it does everywhere, applies here as well. There are people who are bound to take the wrong decision and end up doing something that they never wanted, something that they are doing just for the sake of it. 

So to all those people who are stuck in a similar situation it is never too late to do what you always wanted to do!

It’s your life, it’s you who has to live with whatever you are going to decide and while you might think, “we will think when required” but well the situation shouldn’t really arrive! Nobody other than you has the right to choose what you should be doing.

At the end of it what I would like to say to everyone and specially to those who are soon going to make a career decision, it’s your life and no one but you knows what you want to do. Neither your parents, nor your friends or anyone else has the right or the adequate knowledge about you to tell you that what you should be doing in your life. For those who have already made a decision and now realize that it was wrong, well there is still enough time for a change.

It is more about doing what you love, what you like, what you always wanted to do rather than doing what others are doing and plainly like a brainless robot  following them! Hence, it’s always better to choose a profession which is something that you love to do rather than choosing something that others will love you to do. Your hobby is the best possible profession you can ever have for irrespective of the number of hours you might have to put in, you will still love working.

Ultimately, I too am nobody to decide what you are supposed to do….It’s YOUR LIFE, YOUR CAREER, YOUR DECISION, YOUR CHOICE!

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