Google’s Olympics hurdles doodle!

Google has been closely following Olympics and that has been clearly portrayed by a new doodle appearing on Google’s homepage every day. The Doodle that is on display is more of the main event of the day and redirects to event’s result while displaying the total medal tally on the right corner of the screen.

Today, Google has come up with an interactive doodle that allows you to run the hurdles race using your keyboard or rather three buttons of your keyboard. The left and the right arrow are to be pressed in quick succession to gain speed while the space bar is to be hit to jump when the hurdle is encountered. After completing the race, Google even allots you a medal depending on the time you completed the hurdle race.

All you have to do to play this interactive Google Doodle game is to head over to Google’s homepage and press the play button that you see as soon as the man takes his position. The medals that will be awarded to you will be on the basis of your timing of course and anything below 12 seconds certainly gives you a gold while up to 20 seconds you get a silver and if you take anything more than that gives you a Bronze or a rating of one on three if it isn’t a medal. Completing the race in fact gives you a medal so Google has gone a little easy on it’s users on that one. Once completed, you can share your score on Google+ or play the game again. Google has also provided a link this time if you ever want to play the game in the future and here is the link to that.

So if you are getting bored and want an interactive way of killing some time, head over to and become the Usain Bolt of your own Universe! Enjoy!

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