Guest Post #4: Mom- By Naman Bansal

This poem is straight from my heart and dedicated to all the mothers in this world!
I strongly believe in an old/gold saying that the day god made women everything become footloose, but the moment i think of “any” mother as a women, this saying eradicates pretty soon!! Really, this’s another enigma that i “choose” to memorise. No matter you do believe in the mentioned saying or not, you cannot amend with the explanation. :)  Well, the poem goes on like this.Enjoy!Kicking around in her womb,
eyes close and without a wound,
sleeping in and tickling out,
smiling in and blushing loud!!

Jovial tears dropping down,
looking at those colour brown,
caring for that gentle frown, and,
acting like a serious clown!

Once a home-queen,
Always weaving her embryo.
Never tired.

turned photographer,
once a wife,
turned life,
once”some” taker,
turned “all” giver!!

Embryo shouting when turned seed,
wondering why does she pay heed?
soon realising what she need,
it’s the embryo or the seed!!

Mr.Seed gone away,
in a land far away,
to get some good pay, but,
she is walking down by the bay,
ruminating her old embryo,

She is grey,
but still alive, for,
she can never die, coz,
she was the first thing for which we actually cry!

Her lap is my heaven ,
and her heaven is my destiny.
Her cry is my wound ,
and her wound is my breakdown!

She was my life,
she is my life, and,
she will be my life ,

In this poem i tried to present one story, and i really don’t care if i succeed in that or not.
Hope you all like this, thanks for reading, and we  hurt our respective mothers in some way or the other, but i know we all love her the most in this entire world, like the way i do. :)
Until next time it’s bye from my side.Take care.And keep loving your mother more and more and most!!


A Word from our Guest Author: Hey this is naman. I am pursuing my degree from MIET, meerut.

Loves to write and to make new friends, a total movie freak and a “keen observer”..

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  1. superb yaar. . .. . . :)

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