Guest Post: Beyond the horizon By Samridhi

So many times i have heard people say: there is a vast world beyond the horizon.It does no good to stand where you are and restrict yourself.Go out, go ahead and you will realise the multiplicity of places you can reach.Change is the only constant thing in life.To evolve, to move ahead is the essence of life.

But doesn’t moving ahead always requires leaving something behind? And what if that something includes the people and memories i cherish the most??Moving ahead just to avoid something dreaded or something we can’t face is easy to understand….but then isn’t that includes leaving behind the good,the worthy as well.

Just because there are millions of unexplored destinations, i won’t leave everything behind to reach them.Just because there are so many luxuries in world, i won’t empty my life of every other thing to grab them.I will move ahead , i will reach and grab new horizons but only if i get to retain my life, to retain the reasons of my smile.

“Always keep your eyes fixed on far horizons and you will find the right road” But i will rather fix my eyes around me, i will rather make a road right with the help of those who love me.I had much rather be lost in the paths with them , than to reach a destination from where i can’t reach them.So i drop my eyes from the horizon and slow my tread .I will one day learn to balance the past and the present, only then would i move towards that horizon.I had much rather bask in the sunshine of the day which has dawned in this present, than to reach out for some sparkling life, beyond the horizon……


About the writer in her own words: I am a literature student whose self absorption lies somewhere near 25%.Reading ( classics to absolute trash) and listening to sounds (not necessarily music, it can be a chattering group of people too ) are my best hobbies. Nature and its changes always fascinate me.writing rather than speaking is my forte. For the majority of my time, I live in an imagined world.I m not efficient at instant communication, but love noticing people around me.

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