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Chronicles of a self destroyed life!

self destruct He looks in the mirror each day, In the hope to identify the man he sees in it, But he fails every single time, Always seeing a reflection that isn’t his. What has he become, From a simple noble man, All the values imparted, Forgotten as quickly as one can. It wasn’t long ago, People […] Continue reading →

The Dark Life!

dark life of a prostitute The soft swift movements, with the high heeled sandals, The shimmering gloss, covering the unsaid words, The high toned mascara putting the shade on the pain lying in eyes The artificially blushed cheeks with rouge, making its effort to wrap the scars of past. Everyone sees her in dark nights on roadside moving with confidence, […] Continue reading →

Goodbye friend

good bye friend Goodbye friend It’s been quite some while, Trying to bury this feeling, Under the happiness of life. It’s time to bow down, To destiny again, With the hope that the closure, Will take away the pain. Before I bid you my final adieu, Here’s a little something for you. I know I was wrong, I […] Continue reading →

The resurrection of my inspiration…

inspiration Inspiration? I believe I am not the best person to talk or write on the subject for I have already keyed in and deleted the starting of this post ten times already and I hope eventually, this is the best way to begin this post.  I am not even sure how many of you are […] Continue reading →


I__ll_miss_you_by_groundhog1988 Finality I used to wonder, When this day would come, I used to dread it rather, But now that it has, I am already comfortably numb. We have reached our finality, So here I am, Letting go of you, In the best or the worst way I can. I don’t remember, The first time we […] Continue reading →


numb-black Numb A pulsating pain, In the head, Moving towards a reality, By the pain which is led. A body so weak, And a mind so numb, Finding it difficult to think, For words to rhyme for the poem. I don’t know what I am feeling, I don’t completely understand it either, All I know is […] Continue reading →

I will miss you!

aeccc402-c227-44eb-b711-d8e0427d9996   Saying goodbye Was the hardest thing to do I never thought I would Especially not to you. I brought this upon us, I am the reason behind all this fuss. I am the reason for us to drift away, At the end of it all it’s me who will have to pay. Strangely enough, […] Continue reading →

Friendship – a journey!

Broken_Friendship_by_Skylamb I don’t know how, I don’t know when, You went on to become, Such a wonderful friend. It seems like till yesterday, You were just another face in the crowd, Someone I didn’t really care about. And then there is today, A long long way away from yesterday, Where caring for you comes from within, […] Continue reading →