Startup Scaling – Finding The right moment! [Infographic]

startup-scaling A number of startups have been subject to premature scaling which has eventually ended up being one of the reasons for the startup to fail. It is really important for startups to understand when the moment is absolutely right to scale up. Startup scaling seldom ends up being something that every startup with a few […] Continue reading →

Why Startups Fail [Infographic]

why-startups-fail It is a known fact that the startup success rate is not even 50%. If one looks at the reasons for the failures, every founder of every failed startup will give you a different reason. If you dig a little deep, all these failure stories can be categorized in a certain section and few the […] Continue reading →

Pebble Time takes Kickstarter by storm!

Pebble-Time Pebble’s next offering – Pebble Time went live on Kickstarter and ever since has been breaking all Kickstarter records! Pebble set a goal of Pebble Time at $500,00 which took a little less than 30 minutes to be fulfilled. A few hours into the campaign, Pebble Time then reached the landmark of $5 million in […] Continue reading →

iPhone notifications on Android Wear watches is here!

iPhone interacts with Android Wear In what can certainly be termed as one of the biggest breakthrough since the launch of Android Wear Powered smartwatches, a developer has been able to make an android wear smartwatch interact with an iPhone! The technology used by the developer, Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, is similar to what Pebble uses to interact with the iPhone. With the […] Continue reading →

Neptune Duo – A reverse concept smartwatch!

Neptune-Duo-Smartwatch What does every smartwatch from the tech giants have in common? All of them put smartphone first i.e. smartwatches are essentially a notification hub for your smartphone. So should they be called ‘smart’ at all or should they just be called remote notification hub with some fitness tracking sensors? Maybe the fitness tracking is something […] Continue reading →

Simply the best in the world!

On a daily basis we come across instances in this glorious “gentleman’s game” which highlight the importance of being aggressive on the field. And when I say aggressive, I am not referring to the reckless, superfluous spat between Rohit Sharma and David Warner a few days ago. But hasn’t that definition of aggressive consumed the […] Continue reading →

Startups Exposed – Infographic

startups It is a known fact that the failure rated when it comes to startups is close to 90%. It is quite possible that the startup which was creating all the buzz this past week, was all over the news, eventually hang up it’s boots without being able to show anything in green! Many people around […] Continue reading →