INDIA: The Golden Bird that WAS…………….

A Video all of us must watch. Its the reality what is hapenning in todays world and we are the one who are doing this. We say that we are developed and we have full freedom, But I think after watching this video you will get the answer to all the misconceptions.

4 thoughts on “INDIA: The Golden Bird that WAS…………….

  1. The video was very impressive,- so much so that I decided to promote it on my own blog site. It shows a side of humanity that far too many people in the world are ignorant about or simply just shake their head and ignore, because "it's not in our country" thus sweeping the issue under the rug. I left a few more comments on my blog which you can read.

  2. Will just check it out!

  3. Sarthak Johari says:

    very impressive ……..currently there’s so much to say but I don’t have words to express………..simply incredible!!!

  4. cant reach out 2 dis video… :-(

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