Bowling : Our favorite sport

Hola Keen observers!

Today we discuss about a sport which is near and dear to most of the administrators at Observer’s Paradise. ‘Bowling’

Bowling is a sport in which players attempt to score points by rolling a bowling ball along a flat surface, usually a wooden or synthetic surface. The aim of the game is knock down maximum pins.
There are a lot of forms of bowling like 10 pin, 9 pin, 5 pin, duckpin etc.  But we will be discussing 10 pin bowling.

In ten pin bowling, matches consist of each player bowling a game. Each game is divided into ten frames. A frame allows a bowler two chances to knock down all ten pins. The number of pins felled in each frame is recorded. If the bowler is not able to knock out 10 pins in the first chance he is given another chance to do it.

A “strike” is scored when a player knocks down all pins on the first roll in the frame. Rather than a score of 10 for the frame, the player’s score will be 10 plus the total of the next two rolls in the next frame(s). A “spare” is scored when all pins are knocked down using both rolls in the frame. The player’s score for that frame will be 10 plus the total of the next roll in the next frame.

Here the naming for consecutive strikes

Two – Double

Three- Turkey

Four- Hambone or Four bagger

Five- Five bagger

Six- Six pack

If a strike is rolled in every frame of the game, the player’s score is 300 and the bowler has achieved a “perfect game”.

Bowling balls vary, depending on the type of bowling game. Ten-pin balls are large, as heavy as 16lbs, with the size and spacing of the finger holes often smaller on lighter balls to accommodate smaller hands.

Bowling shoes possess an intermediate style between regular dress shoes and the athletic type. The sole of the non sliding foot is generally made of rubber similar to that of a basketball sneaker to create stability, while the sliding foot is made of a much softer material that allows a bowler to slide into his or her release


People who love to bowl at our Administrator Team.

Player Profile:

Gaurav Kumar Prasad (GKP): Admin Cricket

According to me Gaurav Kumar Prasad is the man who is the best among us when it comes to bowling. He generates a lot of speed and adds spin to the ball, striking down a lot of pins. Even if there are 2 frames left and you are 20 points up, he still might find a way to beat you.

Vidit Chopra (VC): Site Owner

Believes in accuracy and is usually the biggest challenge to GKP. He doesn’t generate speed like GKP but is the most accurate among us. His rolls the ball towards the pins ‘With Love’ and is able to defeat ‘Glycys Gaurav’ a lot of times.

Sanchit Malhotra (SM): Admin finance/Site Admin

Sanchit beleieves in enjoying Bowling and as his profiles suggests he is always managing our finances even in the Bowling alley. He arranges for the passes and even though he isn’t the best player, He makes sure that the best player are able to play.

Tanmay Jalan (TJ): Site Admin

Tj loves changes. He is always making some change on the webpage and trying something different at the Bowling Alley. He tries different types of release and believes in having fun. He was once challenged by a guy from Meerut and he won against him convincingly.

Sachin Loothra (Tich): Admin Games/Logo Designer

I haven’t seen him playing a lot but he is a quick learner. He showed a lot of promise in his very first game finishing 1st in his slot. He adds his own touch to everything he does, just like the logos on our page.

Well even I love Bowling and on a few occasions I have played well.

I think those who bowl know how it feels when you roll that bowling bowl down the alley and those who don’t you should probably start doing it. It’s a great sport and we at Observers Paradise surely Love it.

Gaurav Awal (D2): Admin Sports/Movies


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