And then, you were gone!

And then, you were gone:


The last touch of the feet,

The last peck on the cheek.

That last moment when I saw your smiling face,

And then, you were gone.


That old wrinkled face,

A sweet memory I can never erase.

That slow baby like walk,

That I seldom used to mock.

And then, you were gone.


Those kind words of wisdom,

Listening to them, I was second to none.

Those innumerable stories with lovely morals,

Understanding some, seldom led to a quarrel.

And then, you were gone.


Those eyes that showed love and care,

Even though speaking it loud was very rare.

That shower of your blessings,

With a slight tap and caressing of hair,

That made me believe life will never be unfair.

And then, you were gone.

The pavement of a moralistic life shone,

And then, you were gone.


Fourteen years of care,

Fourteen years of love,

Fourteen years of morals,

Fourteen years of preaching to The One above.

And then, you were gone.


And now, I remember that dreaded day,

Clean as a whistle as if it was yesterday.

Laying on the floor,

All covered up top,

Silence engrossing the room,

More so like a pin drop.

The wisdom that you showered,

The Lord’s that you preached,

Everyone waiting for you,

To break the silence with some speech.

The cold stiff hands, The cold stiff feet,

It definitely is something nobody can cheat.


The reality finally dawned,

The feeling finally sunk in,

There was no shying away now,

It was time to accept, you were gone.


No more blessings,

No more words of wisdom,

No more preaching to The One above,

No more shower of your care and love.

No more stories with moral,

No more the feeling of being protected by an angle.


I confess my love for you,

Which is truer that true.

In the context of life,

It holds no significance,

But in the context of reality,

It has aggravated in your absence.


You were gone, those few years back,

Ever since, a part of me still lacks.

I accepted the fact then, I accept it today as well,

But your beautiful wrinkled face with wisdom white hair on top,

Still continues to be the cleanest memory, the sweetest thought.

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