Battle for the Cloud : Google Drive and Beyond!

A number of big players have recently entered Cloud Computing. Google’s Drive and Microsoft’s SkyDrive are the two biggest and the most recent addition to go for the Cloud. One tends to believe that Google and Microsoft, both have entered the field pretty late and Companies like Drop Box that have been around for quite some while have held the market well but given the nature of these two technological giants, especially Google, whose email client Gmail and a bunch of other Google Tools, people shifting from Dropbox to Google Drive wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Many have done so while there are many who still remain loyal to Drop Box.

Now Cloud Computing too on a rather broad level divided into two sub parts, Generic and Specialized. Both of these are two different fields of cloud computing and each specialize in something different. Generic on one hand is what the general public, people like you and I use i.e. general file sharing and being able to use them anywhere or access them anywhere through the cloud. This is what services like Box, Drop Box and Google Drive do at the moment. On the other hand, Specialized work on a more specific a more focused cloud computing solution. These are services that the Generic products don’t provide at the moment.

So here is an infographic that talks about where the Battle for the Cloud is headed after the release of Google Drive and how Google Drive might eventually change the face of cloud computing if it does decide to go a step further into the Specialized cloud computing field.

Here is the infographic:

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