Book Review: Love Happens, so does a Break Up

Genre- Fiction

Author- Saurav Vaish

We already gave you a book preview of this one and here we are, finally, with the review.

Before beginning the review, here is a blurb of the book.

About the book:
Everybody falls in love once in a lifetime but not everybody is destined to have them. Saksham and Priya were one of the few lucky ones.

They had their share of ups and downs through school till they reached the status of “in a relationship” which takes them on a journey of commitment, long distance relationship, sacrifices, demands, expectations, fights, arguments and sex.

They not only have to deal with their strict families but even with themselves. With the rapid change in the mindset of the youth about love and relationships, it becomes interesting to see if their movie-tale like love story will have a happy ending or not? Will they be able to resist temptations? Will they be able to confront their families? Will they be able to sacrifice their comforts and happiness for the one they love? And the most important question is…ARE THEY REALLY IN LOVE???


So here is yet another love story that we came across. On a personal note, in the past one, one and a half years, this most probably was the 60th love story I read and well, I am not a big fan of  them either. It’s just that the market is overflowing with books on romance and I wouldn’t term it romance either. The books that are being published are more about a teenage love/crush/infatuations and similar other adjectives. The reason that you see more and more of them in the market is because people love to read love stories. Apparently, there is a huge crowd of people in India who love ‘love stories’. Hence, anything that sells, you see more and more of it. 

Sadly enough, when I read this one I had already a saturation as far as books on love stories are concerned hence I found this one a bit too monotonous but that’s basically because there really can’t be a big change when it comes to love stories. There are bound to be break ups, there are bound to be infatuations, there are bound to be misunderstandings, the only things that change are the characters, the reasons, the situations and the places. Now, even though you might say that the four are good enough to create a different story altogether but well, it does get monotonous after reading plenty of them. 

Love Happens, so does a break up is yet another in the same stream of books. If you are someone who has read a number of love stories in the past, you wouldn’t find anything new as such. One thing that this one surely has is that it’s sweet and simple, which is pretty much an integral part for if it wasn’t sweet, it wouldn’t have looked real. Sweetness is something that you expect from a teenage love story or infatuation or whatever you want to call it and this one gives you ample of it, maybe a bit too much of it!

Okay, what else? The characters, well, given that most of these love stories come straight out of a ‘true incident’ or a certain phase of your life so it isn’t a big thing that people are able to related to them. A book works best when real life characters are put into fictitious situations. The book does that as well.

All in all, this is a pretty mediocre book, even though the book tries to do everything right, there is something that goes missing. But considering that this one is the author’s first book, there is definitely a lot of scope for improvement and is a decent enough effort. If you are someone who hasn’t read many books on ‘Indian Romance’ can this one a try!

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Love Happens, so does a Break Up

  1. Deepika Sinha says:

    Agree with the review…. a friend gave me this book begging me to read it saying that it was authored by a friend of a friend of a friend…. and to be very honest, it wasn’t really anything more than a been-there-seen-it-read-it-slept-over-it page turner…. The book also manages to give the impression that the author hasn’t looked at too many things apart from his personal life to pen this one…. Believe me, no matter how much interesting one’s life might seem to oneself, it doesn’t guarantee the fact that others too will find it so….. Saurav Vaish, the author, given that this his first book, has done an okay job…. the story is pretty beaten up and the writing utterly unimaginative….but it still has some heart…. tough luck, Mr. Vaish but hoping to see you become better with experience…

    • thank you deepika sinha for ur expert review.. i am no expert nor i have read a lot of books.. for people like you who have read hundreds of books that too from the best of authors it might be very mediocre.. i believe it to be a modest beginning and there is a lot of scope of improvement.. reviews like this would certainly help do better..!!

  2. thank you vidit for this expert review.. honestly speaking,.. i was no expert neither i had read a lot of books.. this book was out of nothingness that had struck my life.. i never believed this could be published but once i got involved i gave it my 100%.. it was important for me to get a fair review on my mediocre work.. i will strive to improve in my next book.. thanks alot :)

  3. Well I don’t really agree with the review. I have myself read heck lot of Indian romance fictions and trust me, each book has its own charm. Talking of “Love Happens, So Does A Break Up”, it has got all the elements that a fair enough romance fiction needs to have. The first few pages create a suspense of the love story in the minds of readers that makes us glue to it for a stretch of three-four hours. The book left an impact over my mind. I could relate the story very much to my own life. It had touched the strings of my heart, and I guess this is enough to prove that how good the book is. To me, the review seems a bit out of track from the point that the book belongs to the genre of romance fiction and so ofcourse it will be full of teenage romance, sweetness of friendship & relationships, spontaneous humor, typical family drama, a bit of action, heartbreaks and tones of emotions. I believe, Saurav Vaish has done the justice to his first book. There wasn’t anything lacking. Saurav Vaish seems to be a promising author and I look forward to more such books from him.

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