Book Review: The Idiot-Dudes. . I Opted the Second Option!

About the book:

In a world where you find people with different reckons towards life, nothing gonna word accordingly. An Idiot can’t be Dude and a Dude can never be an Idiot; but what forced him to redefine a predefined prototype to merge them all together, ‘Idiot-Dudes’… It’s the journey of 4 friends (Adhyayan, Sandeep, Data and Sunil) but itinerary was isolated. A Romeo with immeseness of emotion dared to fall in the blue of love, a Casanova who don’t know what is love, someone is on the Eudaimonia but happy would lose its meaning it were not balanced by sadness and here it go; the last person is a Nutcase. Now to where life will take them where individually their life has a story to tell. When love is unconditionally forever, that emerged a love story, towards a new beginning. But if love has itself power why many love stories remain one sided. Life always gives you second option, but Adhyayan opted the second option, an exertion. He finds his dream but how far he has to run to chase when his dream is on fire… And rest are there for something, for a hope… Will they make it???


Let me begin this book review in a way I have never ever began a book review before. Let me begin by saying what I really feel about this book- “Hundred Rupees down the shittiest of holes!” When I say I have read horrible books I mean that I have read books that a person who is a lover of books might want to tear apart and make the author and the publisher bathe in a stream of water, once down, making them wear an under ware and marking a cross (x) at the exact location from where things come out in the morning, come running at full pace and kick it as hard as possible. (Just a weird way of saying- kicked their butts!)

Anyhow, as I said, I have read bad books in recent times but none of them comes close to beating this one! This, by any standards will go down as the worst book of the year and I can’t even explain how bad I feel for the author. No, not because he wrote the book but because he found a publisher to publish it! As we have always been truthful to our readers out here at OP, I wouldn’t lie and say I read the ‘whole’ book and hence it is pretty much a possibility that this review isn’t accurate. Even if someone paid me a thousand bucks for reading this book, I wouldn’t! That’s how bad the book is! In the few pages that I did bear, which were some 4 odd pages, a couple of the prologue and then the introduction which too were just unbearable, all I could see were errors- grammatical errors, spelling errors and every other kind of mistake that is possible in a novel! From the first line itself, it appears that the book has been translated from Hindi to English using Google Translate and has been compiled from there itself. Most of the sentences don’t make sense and those which do, have no relation to whatever book had to say.

Okay, so, enough with the negative aspect of the book. Being a ‘good’ reviewer means putting forward both the negative and the positive aspects of whatever is being reviewed. So, coming to the ‘positive’ of the book, well, the best thing about the book is the summary/blurb on the back cover which doesn’t contains as many errors and arguably is the best part of the book!

I would have loved to blame the author alone but to an extent, in fact, 50% of the blame has to be shared by the publisher! It appears that the book has been taken up from the raw state and has been straight away put up for publishing without any sort of editing by the author or the editor! It is the publisher’s duty to get the book edited before it goes in for publishing but well, given what the author had to share, they even accepted the book in the raw form appears  a bit dodgy to me but well, it’s their choice ultimately!

All in all, it appears I have finally read the worst book I will ever come across in my life. I wouldn’t ridicule the author anymore and end this review right here!

PS In case you find any errors in this post or any of the posts that I post in the next couple of days, you know who to blame for it!

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