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Infographic: Facebook Spam Attacks in 2011

facebook_spam2 It’s infographic time everyone. Now that it’s the last week of the year, this infographic basically talks about the facebook attacks that took place in the year gone by. The fact is, most of us, sometime or the other have fallen for the laid down plot by the hackers/spammers out there who have created and […] Continue reading →

Year in Review: Top 10 Games on Facebook!

facebook-games The top ten list of the best social games that people played on facebook is out. The year 2011, saw a massive increase in social gaming and well, with the increase in the number of active users on facebook plus the number of teenagers who are hooked to the social games, the number was pretty […] Continue reading →

Create a Christmas Jingle with ZooZoo!

zoozoo jingle The festive season is here and so are the Christmas Jingles and so are the ZooZoos! For those of you who are unaware who Zoozoo’s are, head over to youtube and watch the advertisements of the same. Okay, moving on to what we really want to talk about over here. Now, what better can it […] Continue reading →

Facebook Timeline- Now available to everyone!

facebook On September 23rd this year, we were the first (after Facebook, Obviously) to give you a sneak peak of the most revolutionary feature introduced in the ‘f8’ developer Conference at At that time, the Timeline was available only to the facebook developers.   The feature replaces traditional profiles with a vertically-scrolling timeline of your entire life, going […] Continue reading →

Tag someone with a different page or profile on Facebook!

Facebook-logo Hello facebook lovers so we have a nifty trick in our bag which we would love to share with you! Have you noticed that blank status on friend’s profile? or someone in your friend’s list tagged with some different name? Curious..? Well, here are those awesome tricks.. It’s simple- Okay the first trick is to […] Continue reading →

How to remove Ticker from Facebook!

remove-facebook-ticker Ever since Google Plus launched a few months back and became an instant hit, facebook has implemented a string of changes many of which have been adapted from google+ itself but some of the changes that facebook has implemented have annoyed a number of users worldwide. The new layout of the homepage and the ticker […] Continue reading →

How to get the new Facebook timeline NOW!

get timeline Ever since we saw f8 last night or in fact ever since Mark Zuckerberg revealed what he was going to do to the facebook profile by implementing the Facebook Timeline, we were thinking of a way to get it.  Now as you might have already seen our preview of the timeline, just goes to show […] Continue reading →

Facebook’s new Timeline

timeline3 So today at the f8 developer conference, the new and a bit feature was released by facebook, the TIMELINE. To us it’s a revolutionary step.   Here we are to give you a brief sneak peak of it.  There are the basic tips that you get as soon as you get the timeline, more of a […] Continue reading →