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The Latest & Best 3 Social Media Updates

The Latest & Best 3 Social Media Updates Social Media has flourished in leaps and bounds! From Facebook to Instagram, we are using it all day, every day! And what make these social networking platforms tick well and claim success are the interesting updates each comes up with recurrently. Here are three new updates that you’ll find interesting! Facebook Has Added a Brand […] Continue reading →

Facebook’s Revamped News Feed : A Google+ Rip off?

Facebook's News Feed So we are back to talking about changes appearing on Facebook but one consistent thing that has been a part of majority of the changes made on Facebook is that most of them are extremely similar to the things that have already been implemented by Google+. The lack of usage of Google+ by an average […] Continue reading →

Infographic: Google+

google-plus So the first figures for google+ are finally here in the form of an infographic. Ever since Google+ was launched on June 28, 2012, as an invitation only, it became an instant hit accumulating more than good reviews from around the globe so much so that Facebook felt the increasing need to bring about a […] Continue reading →

Google+ now open for everyone

Google-plus-open-for-all-sign-up-page So after being an invite only social networking website for the first three months, Google+ is now open for everyone.  We have already given you a detailed review of g+ at the time of it’s launch but what has changed since then? As per google’s official blog there have been 100 changes made to the […] Continue reading →

Chrome Extensions to make your Google+ Experience Better

So today we  are here to share with you some of the google plus extensions for Google Chrome.  They sure will make your G+ experience better.  1. G+ me for Google Plus Features: 1. Notification status visible at all times 2. Collapsible posts & comments 3. Real-time comment count on collapsed items 4. Mark posts […] Continue reading →

Google +1 Button = Google+

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+1 Button Recent upgrade to the +1 button by Google includes the ability to directly share a webpage to Google+ with several new features.   “Beginning today, we’re making it easy for Google+ users to share webpages with their circles, directly from the +1 button,” announced Google SVP of Social Vic Gundotra in a blog post. “Just […] Continue reading →