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The the quickest football updates.

Bosnia bid goodbye with a 3-1 victory over Iran!

world-cup-badges-bosnia-iran_3162721 The last Group F match had nothing on the line for Bosnia as they were already out of the tournament while Iran still had slim hopes of qualifying if Nigeria lost to Argentina in the other group match. As is often seen, the team with no pressure often prevails. So was the case today. Bosnia dominated […] Continue reading →

Bosnia eliminated after a 1-0 loss to Nigeria

Nigeria-vs-Bosnia-Herzegovina So the shocks of the world cup just don’t cease. In the day, it took Argentina and again the brilliance of Messi to break the dead lock right at the fag end of the game to clinch it, later, Germany was held by Ghana to a 2-2 draw with Klose finally getting that all important […] Continue reading →

Bosnia and Herzegovina impress against Argentina

Bosnia-Argentina So the FIFA World Cup is alive and kicking. What has been really interesting so far in the tournament is the fact that there still hasn’t been a goalless draw or a game that has been boring from the outset. There certainly has been something or the other in every match that has kept you […] Continue reading →

It’s When The True Colors Come Out

Soccer - Manchester United v Real Madrid - Head to Head Disclaimer: This post is going to be highly opinionated and may bear absolutely no resemblance with anything fact or fictitious. So you have been warned for the true colors evolving. Yes, I did end up writing a disclaimer at the top of the article instead of the usual at the foot of the post. But, it had […] Continue reading →

The Definition Of A True Football Fan

football fans Very often it is not the debate of which team has the best fans, or the biggest fan base or even the most loyal fans, but simply who is the best football fan? Been a football fanatic for over fifteen long years now, I have seen myself engaged in million such battles. But the theme […] Continue reading →

The Manchester Derby is here!

Battle of Manchester So now that the Manchester Derby is finally here as Machester City and Manchester United go head to head in their clash in the English Premier League.  Given that the two teams are placed first and second in the league table, there is much anticipation about the match. This derby has much more to it […] Continue reading →

How good is Phil Jones?

Phil+Jones+Manchester+City+v+Manchester+United+Vw5h7gaLhBAl The next john tery… young defender….totally a beast…future england captain…manchester united center half for years to come..sensationally good with the ball. These were some of the comments thrown by people when this 19 year old came on against manchester city and made an immediate impact. The comments looked far fetched, but a good 3 weeks […] Continue reading →

He did not come; now what?

wesley-sneijder Yes, its 1st of september and guess what? Yes, there is no wesley sneijer, as reported the wages coupled with some outstanding performances from the central midfield duo of cleverley and anderson meant that at least for the time being united can do without the dutch midfielder or at least thats what ferguson thinks. So […] Continue reading →