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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial VII – The Pen Tool

TutFeat7 Hello everyone! Hope you had a nice Christmas and are enjoying the holiday season. I sure am. This might not be the best time, but I hope that you guys/gals can take out some time and do some ‘Photoshop-ing’ maybe. 😛 The last tutorial was pretty basic and you got to learn how to create […] Continue reading →

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial VI — Creating your own Brush

TutFeat6 It surely has been a long time since I updated this section. The last tutorial was around three months back and I apologize for not updating this section since then. Frankly speaking, I haven’t been photoshopping a lot lately myself, partly because of exams but majorly because I have been too busy playing League of […] Continue reading →

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial V: How to make a Planet

TutFeat5 Hey hey..How are you doing my fellow observers? Hope you tried out (and enjoyed) the last tutorial and understood the basics of photo manips. Anyways, today I am gonna take you guys for a trip into space….I mean..graphically! And I say this because today, we’ll be creating a planet in Photoshop with a very simple […] Continue reading →

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial IV: Photo Manip

TutFeat4 Aloha my designer friends! Welcome to yet another Photoshop tutorial. I hope you are having a fun time playing around with the software and hopefully have understood the basics by now. The last few tutorials have been covering certain specific techniques that come in handy while designing. This time around I’ll be covering something that […] Continue reading →

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial II: Text Winding

Tut2FeatImg Hey all! Welcome to the second tutorial of your Photoshop classes. Firstly, let me again apologize for the heaviness and the difficulty of the last tutorial. I should have started off with something easier maybe. Just look into that tutorial sometime later once you get the hang of the software. Secondly, I am assuring you […] Continue reading →

Adobe Photoshop: Getting Started

TutFeat2 Before starting with the “Getting Started” there are a few prerequisites that you must possess — Interest, Creative mind and of course Photoshop. I recommend you to “buy” the latest version of this software from somewhere (I think you get what I mean). My tutorials, however, will be on Photoshop CS4. But to be very […] Continue reading →