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Alertimizer monitors your website for downtime!

alertimizer Today, in the world of the web, it is increasingly important for you and your website to be on the top of the game. The cost of server downtime has increased over the years. As is visible in the infographic we posted a few months ago, every minute of downtime costs around $ 6,000 for […] Continue reading →

The Psychology of Colors in Marketing [Infographic]

The Psychology of Colors in Marketing Whenever you go in for building a website or a logo for that matter it is of utmost importance to choose the color that is universally acceptable, soothing to the eye and appealing to the user. Over the past few years, looking at the way the dot com business has evolved, it is pretty easy […] Continue reading →

The Cost of Server Downtime [Infographic]

 There used to be a time when people didn’t really rely on the internet for anything. Hard to believe for us today but yes, there definitely was a time! During those days, when Facebook wasn’t the driving force for people latching on to the internet or people actually reading books to find solutions rather than […] Continue reading →

Joomla vs WordPress : Which CMS is Best for My Website?

joomla_vs_wordpress With more than a billion websites and millions of bloggers, the online community is getting stronger by the day. With the increase in the number of blogs and the number of bloggers, more and more people are turning to the internet and even adopting Online Marketing as their full time job. The first and the […] Continue reading →

The Death of SEO : Something that never came true!

Seo-blocks Let’s talk about the early days when Google used to be a search engine or rather just a Search Engine, not a technology giant on the whole but just a pure search engine whose main objective was providing organic search results to the users. Google’s Search Algorithm has evolved and gotten better with time in […] Continue reading →