Facebook lets you schedule updates for your Fan Page!

Facebook has rolled out more than a few dozen of changes ever since Google+ came into existence and to state the fact outright, all Google+ achieved was providing innovative ideas for people at Facebook to implement and keep the 600million strong community on the top as far as Social Networking is concerned.

Given the number of people that use Facebook, all companies, brands, shows and everything that remotely concerns the users today have created their own fan pages on it. Ever since troll images and rage comics went viral on Facebook, fan pages started sharing more and more images which in turn led them to earn more and more fans which ultimately led to their brand or rather their brand’s fan page reaching a wider audience.

With the increase in the sharing of images, status updates, events on fan pages, the increasing need of allowing the admins to schedule posts was seen and finally Facebook has taken the positive step of allowing the admins to schedule posts.

Facebook’s scheduling tool is certainly of good use for various facebook page admins. The scheduling tool has the ability to add dynamic links and images as well other than being able to schedule status updates. The tool allows users to schedule posts for the next six months and also has the ability to schedule posts in the back date as well or rather put up posts with the back date time stamp. Now even though someone can misuse this as well but still it is there as of now. The good thing about the scheduler is that you can delete and edit your posts as well.

Once you have schedule the post, you can view all the posts that you have scheduled in the activity log where you can edit or delete the posts that you have already scheduled.

There is one thing that you need to keep in mind though. If you haven’t added your page’s founding date i.e. haven’t added the milestone ‘Founded On’, the scheduler wouldn’t be available for you. To be able to use the scheduler, you will have to create a new post, add milestone and add your ‘Founded On’ date. Once you have done this, the clock will appear on the bottom left of the dialog box clicking on which will let you add the date and time to schedule your post.

The scheduling will be as the per the Timezone that you are in. So happy scheduling!

Facebook has also come up with another feature that lets you assign roles to the various admins. We will be telling you how to use the assigning admin roles feature in the next post. Keep a check on this space for more!

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