Google Maps goes Offline and 3D!

In a recently concluded conference, people at Google, Google Maps rather, came up with a couple of interesting things. Google Maps is going 3D which isn’t much of a surprise for ever since the talks of Apple dropping out Google Maps and implementing it’s own 3D maps came up.

Google Maps 3D, to put it simply, look absolutely stunning. The movement on the map is more like hovering through the entire city in a helicopter. As of now, Google Maps has gone 3D for a few cities around the globe but the idea is to regenerate each and every city and give every user a 3D experience of the city. The smoothness that was displayed and the regeneration that looked as good as real, makes us wonder where this technology is headed. Recreating each and every building in the city into 3D as amazing as it sounds is pretty difficult but technology has done it all!

Coming to some other interesting news, Google has also announced that Google Maps will be available offline, yes, you read that right. Google Maps will be available offline i.e. no net connection would be required while you are moving from one place to other. So if you are someone who stays in a country like India where signal issues arise right at those moments when you are trying to locate a certain place using Google Maps, it just got a hell lot easier for you.

Google Maps 3D will be available for both iOS and Android while the offline version of Google Maps will be available only on Android. That’s a pretty smart move is all we would say. Now that Google has revealed what it has to offer as far as 3D maps are concerned, it will be interesting to see what people at Apple come up with if and when they release their own 3D maps application. Given that WWDC is just round the corner, one can expect a quick counter from Apple.

For those of you interested, here is the link to the entire video of the Google Maps conference.

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