Google’s Football (Soccer) at Olympics Doodle!

We love Olympics and we say this not because there are so many sports to watch so many teams to support so many things to have a look at but because of Google! There, we said it!

It’s fourth day in a row that Google has come up with an interactive Doodle and we again have had our hands on it a few hours before it goes live in India.

Google’s Football at Olympics Doodle is as interesting as the previous three Doodles were. For those of you who are unaware about the previous three Doodles can get acquainted with them here. The first one was a Doodle on Hurdles then came a Doodle on Basketball then came a Doodle on Slalom Canoe and today or rather tomorrow Google is going to put an interactive Doodle based on Football at it’s homepage.

Again, for those who would like to try their hands on the interactive doodle before it actually goes live on can go to this link to play Google’s Football at Olympics Doodle.

Google’s Football at Olympics Doodle just like the rest three is pretty simple and yet pretty interesting. It follows the same algorithm- a game played using three keys, the left arrow, the right arrow and the space bar. This time Google challenges you to be the keeper and save penalties. The objective of the game is to save as many free kicks or penalties as you can. You are allowed to let your opponent or the kick taker a maximum of 3 goals after which the game comes to an end. The more number of free kicks or penalties you save, the more your score as you get a point for saving each penalty.

That’s pretty much about it as far as Google’s Football Doodle is concerned. Google is surely keeping us hooked to it’s homepage for hours. Football Doodle is no exception and is sure to keep you hooked for quite some while. So wear your keeping gloves and start saving some penalties! Enjoy tomorrow’s Google Doodle!

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