Hands On : Jelly Bean on HTC One X!

Google announced it’s latest Android Operating Software- Android 4.1 a month ago and the OTA (Over the Air) update was sent to three devices – Google Nexus, Google Nexus S and Motorolla Xoom. Almost all the Nexus and Nexus S around the globe have already received the OTA for Jelly Bean i.e. Android 4.1 while Motorolla Xoom’s update has just been rolled out a few hours back.

Other than these devices people who use Samsung Galaxy SIII and HTC One X would surely be itching to try their hands on the new Android OS version. So today here we are with a hands on video of Jelly Bean on HTC One X! To make it very clear, this isn’t the official update i.e. the rom that you see over here isn’t the official version that will be released by HTC (as it is, this one is senseless and HTC wouldn’t go sense-less if you know what I mean).

The rom that you will see in the video is a Jelly Bean 4.1.1 AOSP build for HTC One X and has been followed on from a port from Nexus 7. There are a couple of things that aren’t working at the moment but they don’t hold much importance as such. One of them is portable Wi-Fi hotspot but given the battery life of the device, it not working is better for using it would certainly drain out the battery all the more quickly. The rom can be downloaded from XDA forums here.

Here is the video of Jelly Bean in action on the HTC One X. Check it out!

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