Homerun Battle 2 : App Review

Name: Homerun Battle 2

Platform: Android

Rating : 4/5


So after a pretty successful first version of the game, Homerun Battle is back with the second version and aptly is named Homerun Battle 2. Being someone from India where the game Baseball isn’t popular at all. The only team that people who do know a bit of baseball know of is the New York Yankees and a few who kind of are interested in the game may know of White Sox and a couple more. I cannot authenticate the names for I don’t know much of the game either. Having said that, Homerun Battle 2 was a journey and bit of a learning curve as well. Not that I wasn’t acquainted with the rules of the game or anything but Homerun Battle 2 surely enhanced our ability to judge which ones to play and which ones to let go!

To begin with, the first time you look at the application you tend to believe it wouldn’t have much to show or impress us with but then you start a new game and start swinging away at the balls thrown your way by the pitcher. At first you try to analyze what would be the perfect stroke trying to get acquainted to the speed, getting the timing right to hit a homerun.

The objective of the game is simple and is the name of the game itself- hit as many homeruns as you can with the number of lives that you have got. The more number of home runs you score, the more points you earn! But then it actually is more than just a homerun contest. Players can choose their own characters which can be customizable along with options to change styles, clothing bats and more.

Once you’ve got the basics – which are taught to you in a well designed and idiot-proof tutorial – you can try your hand at one of the six different game modes on offer. These are Duel, Survival, Mission, Burning, Arcade and Training.

The not-so-impressive beginning of the game gives way to a well built gameplay that once you start playing the game has the ability of keeping you hooked in the quest to score more home runs so much so that you want to score a home run every ball but that’s the motive of the game isn’t it? So we give a thumbs up to the developers for keeping us hooked for quite some while. There are different ways that players can play Homerun Battle 2. They can have a one on one duel, a survival contest or a mission mode game. There’s also a mode where sluggers can try to make homeruns for as much as they like. Homerun Battle 2 really earns its keep with it’s in online mode. Here you can play against friends and strangers alike in duel mode.

All in All Homerun Battle 2 is one game that Baseball fans would definitely like to play and for those who aren’t much into Baseball might as well learn a bit while getting hooked to the game in their quest to score as many home runs as possible!

We give Homerun Battle 2 a good 4 on 5 from us at Observer’s Paradise.

Homerun Battle 2 can be bought from the Google Play store here.

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