Inside Google, Twitter & Facebook’s Awesome Workplace!

Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tagged, LinkedIn – what do all these companies have in common? (Of course, other than being the technology giants that they already are.) The thing that is common among these awesome companies is an awesome workplace!

Google has often in the past shown off it’s headquarters and everything that it has which certainly makes every IT guy want to work for them. Sure, it takes a good blend of talent, vision and performance to be able to use the amenities that Google and all these other companies provide at their work places but one thing that is a surety is the presence of these amenities keeps the people in question- the people who work at these places properly motivated.

To list a few, Google and the rest of these technology giants, have yoga centres to sports to video games to everything else that you dream of doing on a vacation is present right there in the office itself. Now if you are someone who belongs to the field of technology, one of these companies is certainly your dream company or at least on the list of dream companies to work for. Today’s infographic is make you want to join these companies all the more for ‘fun at work’ isn’t just a myth any more when you are working in such companies.

Here is the infographic that gives you the insight of what all things are present in Google, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn’s office.

This infographic by ResumeBear tells you all about the awesome workplaces in the silicon valley!

So if ever given a chance, which of these company’s awesome workplace would you like to work in? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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