ipad 3: Worth the upgrade?


Apple’s ipad 3 will be hitting the USmarkets along with 9 other countries tomorrow. The new ipad will also be coming to other nations in a few weeks; we already brought you the specs and details of ipad 3 but the main question remains unanswered “is it worth upgrading?”

Well, to answer that question we will run down a quick comparison between the ipad 2 and the new ipad.

Apple’s ipad 3 comes with an over clocked dual core processor, A5X with quad core graphics. The A5X is no doubt a beast and the graphic capabilities are amazing, the A5 processor on ipad 2 isn’t bad either. It’s not out-dated and handles everything pretty well. Games like Infinity Blade run pretty smoothly on ipad 2 and as far as noticing a difference in speed is concerned, we don’t think you can notice any real difference in the performance. Although there will be a game or two which will run better on ipad 3, but just a game or two.

The overall feel and UI of the OS remains same in every Apple product, so there’s absolutely no difference in ipad 2 and ipad 3 in this department.

The display on ipad 3 was bumped to a resolution of 2048×1536 and named Retina display, which is the highlight feature of the new ipad but the display on ipad 2 is also crisp and sharp and the resolution of 1024×768 is pretty decent. Although there is no comparison between the display of ipad 2 and ipad 3, it’s not that somebody having an ipad 2 is having a poor quality display with oversaturated colors. It’s still the 2nd best display in the tablet market.

The 5MP isight camera on the new ipad was another thing that caught many people’s eye-‘sight’. The camera on ipad 2 is definitely weak and no we won’t even call it decent. But one thing we know is that there aren’t many people who click photos or take videos with their ipads, we have cameras and Smart phones with better cameras for this, and its not that the ipad 3 will replace your camera. So if you don’t take a lot of pictures with your tablet, rest assured you don’t need any kind of camera in your ipad. Of course, having a decent camera is a plus point if you take a lot of photos.

Although the new ipad has a voice dictation feature, there is still no Siri on it. So, you’re not missing out a lot if you have an ipad 2.

So if you are an existing ipad owner, should you buy the new ipad?
The Answer is yes for ipad 1 owners and NO for ipad 2 owners (Unless you have extra bucks and really want to brag about your new ipad among your friends.)

There is no real reason for you to scrap your ipad 2 and go out and buy the ipad 3. Although the new ipad is a much better tablet than ipad 2, ipad 2 can do almost everything which the new ipad can do.

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  1. Xxdakingxx12 says:

    An honest a good outlook on the tablet market as it stands. I personally am using my iPad 2 as I post lol

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