Life and the forcing a smile concept!

So today’s post is going to be dark to a certain extent so I give you a free pass to close this page right away and move on without any guilt 

So how is everyone doing today?

How is everyone’s life going on? 

The answer to the second question will vary from person to person! Moods are something that is the most temporary thing and swings from one end to the other in no time and everyone has his or her own way of understanding and analyzing a situation which in turn leads you to decide what sort of a mood you are in and how is ones life going! 

The fact of the matter is all of this is nothing but everyone’s outlook towards life. If you want to be happy you will be happy. No one can prevent you from being happy! Yes, there will be a couple of hiccups for no one can ever be happy all the time.  If one had to be in a constant state of mind throughout which is happy, the other emotions wouldn’t exist! 

Change is the only thing constant in the world!

Almost all of you would have heard of the quote above but the fact is everyone has a problem while accepting that change. This reminds me of yet another great quote from yet another wise man.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

The quote above is one thing where most humans fail. Accepting the change, either good or bad is a very difficult thing and difficult situations are when you feel that this is the end and there is no way out and similar things which are caused by too much thinking on the topic.

To quote When the going gets tough, the tough gets going is easy but to implement the quote and put it into action is an entirely different thing! I can give you a thousand motivational quotes when you are down and out but then when it comes to me and when it will be time for me to implement them, believe it or not it will be more than a thousand times difficult!

Hence arises the concept of “Forcing a smile” concept. It has nothing to do with the implementation or performing something huge but this is something, I, on a personal level love to do whenever I feel down or when I feel depressed and all those similar emotions which ultimately give a lot of negative vibes. 

Now what is forcing a smile?

Well, it is nothing which will motivate you (I am Vidit Chopra not Deepak Chopra) or provide you with any inspiration nor is this the art of living class. 

Forcing a smile simply means, stretching your lips, to smile even when inside you feel like life couldn’t have been more sad or things couldn’t have gone more wrong! 

Now I know some of you out there would be saying what bullshit is this but this too isn’t easy! 

When you are disappointed or when you feel depressed smiling is the last thing that you will ever want to do. You feel irritated even if someone tries to make you smile and I know that for a fact for I have faced this thing more than a hundred times! 

What will forcing a smile do?

See the fact is, as stated above, smiling in a difficult situation is not an easy task nor any of you out there would be willing to do it because you are depressed and sad. Smiling is a completely opposite emotion! Why would you ever want to do something which opposes your mindset? 

Well ladies and gentle depressed men, that is the whole point of forcing a smile.

Your inside wouldn’t allow you to smile but then you have to force it! If you force it out, the mindset automatically adjusts itself and the mood automatically changes and you feel better about yourself. Sure it won’t solve the problem that you are facing, sure it won’t guide you or show you a path or the way out of the problem but it will give you a moment to think clearly! A moment when the mind will no longer be blocked, a moment when your mind would be at peace and hence forth you will be able to analyze your problem in a much better way and as it is said (I am quoting a lot today but this one is pretty much required)

Nothing is impossible and Impossible itself says i-m-possible!

I won’t go into the biology of it all for I don’t know if biology is even the right term for it. For me, biology and psychology aren’t much different and hence I will leave someone else at OP to tell you about the hypothalamus, the cortex, in short I am not going to tell you what’s wrong in your f****d up head but this is one thing that surely works for me and hence I would recommend all of you to try it out.

PS I know this isn’t the genre of our website but this is one thing that I always wanted to share with all of you and given that I have all the authority why wouldn’t I! 😛

If you liked it take it and go and if you didn’t then, don’t take it but you should still go 😛

Until next time it’s a bye bye from my side.

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  1. actually true , tried it and it did take my mind off the issue(s) for a while. We all have to fight our own battles ourselves but anything that helps on the way is most welcome…

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