Movie: Ace Ventura-Pet Detective!

If there is a limit to madness then Jim Carrey certainly knows how to go past it everytime he puts on his “acting” cap! Being a huge fan of Jim Carrey myself, this film probably shot Carrey to stardom which culminated in him doing films like “Dumb and Dumber” and my eternal favourite “The Mask” later that year.

Carrey portrays the role of a pet detective since he believes that he shares a deep understanding with them. Acting like a complete loon he has made his apartment as a zoo for all sorts of animals. This time, however,he needs to find a missing Dophin. Together with football team assistant Melissa Robinson (Courtney Cox, remember “Monica” from FRIENDS?!) they reveal a few secrets that leads them to Ray Finkle, a hot shot player who was fired after missing a goal in the Super Bowl.

As you can probably comprehend that the storyline is flimsy, but Jim Carrey totally blew me away with his acting! I dont know whether he is such a great perfectionist or not but every character that he has portrayed till date, it seems like he has done a in depth research of the character so that he can get under his skin. Yes, this movie is what we call a “slapstick humour” but after watching the flick , I can say that most of you will not be able to help but laugh at it. In the end, I guess this is what matters the most! Courtney Cox has done a commendable performance but her acting has been overshadowed by Carrey’s. If you want to take a break or just have a good laugh with your friends, I would recommend this movie for you!

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